Walnut Grove | Dubai


Have you ever stumbled upon a place and instantly wondered where it has been your whole life?! Well that’s exactly what happened to me this weekend!

Since moving to Dubai I have developed the need to go somewhere nice for breakfast every weekend! I never had this need in the UK but I guess this is what contributes to that much feared ‘Dubai Stone’ everyone talks about.

Trying to get out of the breakfast shaped rut I’ve found myself in recently I decided we needed to go somewhere completely different. We found a place called Walnut Grove in City Walk and as soon as I saw ‘Nutella Cappuccino’ on the menu I knew we had to try it out.

I left the house with nothing but my iPhone (Mistake No.1 right there!) If you spot me out and about on on a weekend I am never usually without one or all of my cameras! So lets be honest, it was obvious that this place was going to be lovely, just my luck really!

Described as a rustic yet authentic boutique dining experience grown from the heart of South Africa, I completely fell in love with the decor! It was so chic and they had taken care of every tiny detail, right down to your bill being delivered in a little chest with tiny boxes of Tic Tacs to take home. I absolutely love quirky things like this!


Of course I ordered the Nutella Cappuccino, and as I did I got a cheeky little grin from the waiter, so as to confirm my awesome choice! (Don’t you just love it when that happens!)

The hot drinks came along with a tiny red velvet cupcake and they were displayed in the cutest way. This was the moment I realised I needed to get the iPhone out and take some pics!


We ordered ‘The Parisian’ for breakfast. This was creamy scrambled eggs served in a golden croissant with a cracked black pepper infused cream cheese and semi-dried tomatoes. AMAZING! This arrived on a huge plate with rose gold edges and it tasted delicious!


I thought the prices were very reasonable for a restaurant in Dubai. There were some amazing sounding main courses and the desserts looked incredible. Even if you have already eaten it is definitely worth the visit just for the awesome coffee!

So it is safe to say I will be returning very soon… with my actual camera this time!!

Oh and that Nutella Cappuccino… I do not care who saw me ‘eating’ my cappuccino with a spoon I wasn’t letting any part of it go to waste! 😉



For more photos and to see the menu check out their website http://www.walnutgrove.ae

Laura x

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