Bangkok, Thailand | MBK Center & Asiatique

Wow, Bangkok is hot and sticky, I honestly don’t think I was prepared for the humidity but after the initial shock we decided to crack on and deal with it! My hair was going to stick to my neck and my face was gradually going to slide off throughout the day … but that’s what travelling is all about right?!

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 22.11.41

I had so many recommendations for places to visit in Bangkok so my plan was to do as much as possible.

First stop was a trip to the MBK centre. As I stepped off the metro and entered MBK I really don’t think I was prepared for the amount of walking I was about to do! Eight floors of market stalls… EIGHT! Seriously can there be that many different items of Thailand related tat and knock off handbags?! Well I was about to find out!

I managed to navigate my way through the maze of stalls and make it to the top. There was a huge arcade and some quirky places to eat and drink but other than that if you’re not out to get yourself a fake Mulberry handbag so you can totally pretend you actually bought it in duty free… then it’s not really top of the list for a ‘must visit’ place!

Feeling like I had walked a marathon we got back on the metro and decided to go for afternoon tea… do not ask me why that when visiting Bangkok we went to Harrods, of all places! but I needed a good cuppa, don’t judge me OK!

I was just hoping that my English accent alone would allow me entry to a posh English restaurant and excuse the fact that I looked like I’d been dragged through a bush! Of the whole trip I must say this was the strangest meal we could have eaten, but it was so worth it… Ive never actually had afternoon tea in Harrods before so what better story to tell than my first experience of Harrods was in Bangkok!


That evening we went to Asiatique. Again I had no idea what to expect, I could vaguely see the lights and the big ferris wheel from our hotel room but as our boat got closer I could see it was less like the hustle and bustle of the markets in MBK, which was a huge relief!


The minute I got off the boat I could see why there were queues a mile long to get the Asiatique boat every night. There were so many restaurants, bars, shops, stalls and even rides! It really was not what I was expecting. We loved this place so much we went back around 3 times! (Our hotel offered a free shuttle service across the river.)


We tried many different restaurants and food, including a croissant shaped like a fish with frozen yoghurt inside! Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! It was sooo good!


We also had a go at one of the places where the fish have a little suck on your feet… and when i say ‘we’ I mean, not me! Seriously I can’t cope when seaweed touches me in the sea so the thought of willingly letting fish lick my feet for fun does not appeal!


You really find yourself getting caught up in all of the excitement and when there is so much to do there I think I can be excused for returning so many times!

To see more of what we got up to, check out my latest YouTube video following me on my Bangkok travels!

YouTube: Bangkok Day 2

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20 thoughts on “Bangkok, Thailand | MBK Center & Asiatique

  1. yogawinetravel says:

    Ahhh I have fond memories of going to the food court in MBK when I was young! Asiatique looks like a lovely place to visit as well – thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sandra says:

    Ah the MBK! I think I had lunch or dinner there too… Oh and the humidity in Bangkok gifted me a nice pharyngitis… I was in bed for half my vacation time, mostly because I insisted I was just a little under the weather and refused to go to the hospital ASAP. Hospitals are better than hotels over there! Oh and the doctor scolded me for not going sooner…

    Liked by 1 person

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