Yamanote Atelier – Japanese Bakery

Yamanote Atelier is a unique bakery using a perfect fusion of Western baking and Japanese ingredients to create something very special. Marketed as ‘The UAE’s First Japanese Bakery’ this was one place I couldn’t wait to try out … So this weekend we did just that!



We visited the store located in the Wasl Square Complex in Dubai and from the minute I was able to get a peek through one of the windows I couldn’t wait to get inside. The beautiful displays of cakes, pastries and sandwiches made choosing just one treat a nightmare… so we had to share! The staff are very friendly and more than happy to help you choose between the delicious pastries.

The store is beautifully decorated and has a unique bakery feel to it. One of the things I liked the most was how all of the bakery items are displayed as you walk in the store rather than behind a counter. You can choose exactly which item you want using the tongs and putting it on your tray before taking it to the counter…This means no awkward pointing on a glass cabinet trying to describe the location of the pastry you feel gives you the best value for money!

They have a great selection of hot and cold beverages, many made with a Japanese twist!

We got a Ying Yang Mocha – Espresso smothered in chocolate sauce for a delicious twist!

And a normal cappuccino (original I know)

We both got an egg and turkey muffin to start (It was our breakfast)


We then shared a chocolate, raspberry and almond croissant – this was delicious warmed up.

Finally, we couldn’t visit the Yamanote Atelier bakery without getting the famous Yamanote Croissant! This is made with a cream cheese filling and custard cream at the bottom. It is their best seller and I can see why … this was one thing I didn’t want to share!

They had a large selection of gift boxes filled with Japanese treats!

The staff were constantly bringing out freshly baked items from the kitchen and stocking up the baskets. I left feeling like I hadn’t even nearly tried enough of what they had to offer.

There is now a second store in the Dubai Mall which I am definitely going to check out!

Visit Yamanote Atelier’s website to see their full menu – they also deliver in the UAE which is awesome! http://www.yamanoteatelier.com

Laura x

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One thought on “Yamanote Atelier – Japanese Bakery

  1. foreverfernweh1 says:

    I love Japanese bakeries so so much. I know they will be the top of my “things I miss most” list when leaving. All those items pictured are very common in the bakeries here and they are all scrumptious!


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