Bangkok – Can you really see everything in a couple of days?


Having moved to Dubai last year with plans to explore a different part of the world, I was getting itchy feet to book my next adventure.

I have always wanted to visit Thailand and what better place to start than Bangkok. The minute you tell anyone you’re going to Bangkok the conversation quickly turns from general holiday chit chat to all things ping pong shows and ladyboys!

I am a firm believer that you need to experience things for yourself before you make judgement, so with the comments brushed to one side I booked a last minute trip!

I booked to go to Bangkok for 7 days and was quickly told by almost everyone that that was too long. Apparently only a few days are needed to see all Bangkok has to offer (I found this hard to believe) With this in mind I booked a beautiful hotel with a gorgeous pool as a backup plan, just in case there really was nothing to see there.

Upon arrival the first thing I noticed was traffic!! And a lot of it… the taxi driver told us it was a bank holiday and that the journey could take 3 hours instead of 45 minutes! Massive fail! Ever the optimist I stayed positive, and amazingly we were there within just over an hour!

After spending a whole week in Bangkok I can confirm that you definitely need more than a couple of days if you want to see everything this lovely city has to offer. Having only had time for one pool day … Yes only one day! This trip was none stop, my Fitbit certainly thought I was a superstar that week with the amount of walking I did!

I managed to film a large majority of our trip and take many photos! With shopping, bars, restaurants, temples, palaces, river cruises, markets and much more to keep you occupied, Bangkok only confirmed that you shouldn’t write off a destination based on other people’s opinions.

Go on the adventure and decide for yourself!

Laura x

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 22.17.38

More Bangkok posts to come … for now check out Day 1 of our Bangkok adventure over on my YouTube channel

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