Sky Tea at the Burj Al Arab | Dubai


Coming from Yorkshire, I have to say I do love a good afternoon tea. Usually in a cute countryside setting with fancy mugs and plates and REAL Yorkshire Tea.

That being said, I now live in Dubai, and this English tradition is quite hard to come by. So one weekend I was treated to ‘Sky Tea’ at the Burj Al Arab! I couldn’t move to Dubai and not try afternoon tea in a 7 star hotel could I!?

Driving across the bridge up to the huge sail shaped hotel, I quickly realised we weren’t going to be enjoying Victoria Sponge and cucumber sandwiches any time soon. Our cheap rental car was whisked away by the valet driver and we entered the huge lobby area.

The inside of the hotel is just as beautiful as the outside with fish tanks and water fountains taking center stage. A glass elevator with sea views to the back of the hotel takes you to the Skydeck.


When the elevator doors opened I certainly was not expecting to feel like I had entered an alien space ship, with bright flashing lights and a trippy corridor leading to the Skydeck, but then maybe that’s the look they were going for!

The views on the other hand were breathtaking, on one side you could see Palm Jumeirah and on the other was a view of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel right down to downtown Dubai. Providing it is a clear day you can see quite far! (It was not so clear for us)

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 12.06.55

Now for the food, it was never ending! Not that I’m complaining …

To start we were given dates and a glass of Louis Roederer Brut, which was expertly poured might I add! This followed with a White Chocolate “Petite Pot” with Strawberry.

Next was the Duck Confit Pie with Ceps and Foie Gras Cranberry Dressing… that’s a mouthful … Quite literally! But oh my god this was delicious! I often think that ‘posh’ food is just given fancy names but wow this was so good!


When they brought out the finger sandwiches they arrived on a Burj Al Arab shaped stand which was a nice touch! The sandwiches all had different types of bread with tuna, salmon, beef etc. inside. They even brought around additional trays of sandwiches so you could have more of the ones you liked the most … value for money right there!

Next up…  (yes there was more!) the waiter brought out a huge Burj Al Arab stand filled with Homemade Scones and Devonshire Clotted Cream (Yum!) and Homemade Jams! There was also a selection of Mini Patisseries.



This was then followed by a Lychee and Rose Sorbet … Wow! That’s a lot of food, and here we were thinking we would be hungry after!

So, I left my personal favourite bit till last, the drinks!

Every day I spend so much money on coffee, therefore, as you can imagine I was in my element when they told me that after my glass of Brut I could order as much coffee, tea, iced tea, iced coffee and juices as I want! I mean, come on, I was in the Burj Al Arab … this coffee had to taste like heaven right?! So I made it my mission to try as much of the drinks menu as possible.

The two fancy looking cocktails above were the nicest flavoured iced tea I’ve ever had!

Oh and below… well that was a Cappuccino with gold dust on! Call me a Princess but I’ll have gold dust on every Cappuccino from now on thanks! AMAZING.


We were given a gift at the end of the meal consisting of chocolates and a Burj Al Arab pen. Everyone loves a good souvenir pen!

I watched the sunset and had one last coffee. Now you would think with the amount I drank I would need a wee, well lets be honest, I probably did, but I never went!! To this day I am disappointed in myself for not checking out a 7 star bathroom! But if that’s my only regret then I guess it was a pretty successful afternoon.

At AED 620 each (currently that’s £127 each!) there’s no denying that this was an expensive experience, but I think if you take in to account the setting and the fact that you’re in a 7 star hotel!! (and your complimentary Burj Al Arab pen) It maybe helps soften the blow a little when the bill arrives.


If you want to see more, I also filmed the whole day over on my YouTube channel!

Laura x

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23 thoughts on “Sky Tea at the Burj Al Arab | Dubai

  1. Anisa says:

    Wow wow wow! This sounds so amazing. I am definitely putting this on the list for my next trip.

    So much food and so many nice touches like the gold sprinkles. Plus, they have clotted cream, I think that is my favorite part of afternoon tea.

    Liked by 1 person

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