The Last Exit | Dubai


It may sound a bit sinister but trust me, It’s a place filled with good intentions… and good food!

If like me, you love a good road trip and the guilty pleasures that come with it, then you’re in luck! That ridiculously long journey through nothing but desert from Abu Dhabi to Dubai will no longer bore you to tears! Well actually, that’s a lie… but there is now a reward waiting for you at the end! … silver lining and all that!

The Last Exit … you guessed it … is the last exit on the E11 from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and it brings with it a 1950’s inspired truck park in the middle of the desert! It is very well sign posted with many flags leading to the exit, after all, missing the turn off would be one of the worst wrong turns you have made in Dubai to date… and trust me, there are some pretty terrible ones!

The park is filled with a number of vintage airstreams serving a variety of food! It is definitely a place that makes you instantly want to get your camera out that’s for sure. Considering It’s not a huge place they have done a great job with the design.


The food trucks are mainly made up of chains such as Poco Loco, Operation Falafel and Starbucks to name a few. It would have been nice to see some independent companies there because that’s what I associate food trucks with, but maybe that will come in the future!


I visited not long after it had opened on my way back from a trip to Abu Dhabi and I have to say that as with many things in Dubai it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Lets just say, there were many cars queuing down a single track road with not much space or organisation when you finally reached the end… I wouldn’t recommend a ‘quick’ stop off for coffee on your way to your meeting because once you’re in that queue you’re committed!

Another cause for confusion was that if you wanted to use the drive thru for any of the trucks you needed to know what you wanted to eat before you arrived so you can get in the correct queue! As you can imagine, this meant cars were all over the shop!

We parked up and got out for a walk around. There is a really nice outdoor and indoor seating area with a few more food trucks that can only be accessed by foot. We were told however that if you wanted food from some of the bigger trucks they would only serve you if there were no cars queueing…. but there were always cars queuing! #Dubai

I do think a lot of this will be teething problems as I did spot them building a larger car park extension round the back so that should hopefully ease some congestion!


As a result I would say that I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit the Last Exit as there is nothing unique there in terms of the food on offer. That’s not saying that it doesn’t look amazing… but when you live in a city where the skies the limit in terms of food delivery is the 1 hour roundtrip really worth sitting in chaotic traffic and leaving the comfort of your sofa for?!



…However, as far as service stations go, this is pretty awesome!!

Laura x

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8 thoughts on “The Last Exit | Dubai

  1. foreverfernweh1 says:

    What a funny little place! Though it’s super cute, I don’t think I would want to get stuck in a long wait for Starbucks. I do like the style they are going for with the 50s/60s generation of cars, reminds me of Route 66 in America.


  2. eatdrinkstaydubai says:

    Last Exit is a great idea – at least in terms of stop off options for the AUH-DXB run (or vice versa), but after all is said and done, isn’t it just a funky novelty service station?

    More to the point, there’s actually no need to go there as Dubai has some amazing food trucks (independents too) knocking around in more ‘convenient’ neighbourhoods – JBR, Jumeirah etc.

    Plus the The Hot Dog stand has a great little shop in Marina – my fave!

    Keep up the great work on the blog Laura !


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